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Press Release - ePowerSwitch Guard

Remote Power Control with Active Watchdog Recovers Server Crashes

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Active Watchdog Recovers Server Crashes ...
New ePowerSwitch Guard detects server crashes and cuts power to reboot

Siegburg, Germany, 29/09/2003


No corporate IT environment can function today without remote administration of servers over a LAN or WAN. But there are situations where remote management fails: When a server crashes, for example, even the infamous «ctrl»«alt»«del» key combination provides no solution; a person needs to physically go on site to operate the unit's mains switch and restart the server, which is both time-consuming and expensive. The convenient ePowerSwitch - which provides interactive remote operation of the mains switch - provides a popular solution to this problem. With the new ePowerSwitch Guard, this concept has now been extended to include a built-in watchdog function. The new unit makes sure that crashed mission critical servers are rebooted even if expensive 24-hour supervision by human administrators is not possible.

A mains switch for an individual server that can be operated manually through a LAN or WAN, combined with a local watchdog that continuously monitors the server and quickly restores its function after a crash: this dearest wish of many system administrators is finally being fulfilled by the ePowerSwitch Guard from LEUNIG. Continually checking the server's function, this innovative new product automatically cuts and restores the server's power supply to restarts it if it detects that the server is no longer responding. ePowerSwitch Guard achieves faster response times to server crashes than are possible even with human supervision, thereby maximizing availability. To determine whether a server is functioning, ePowerSwitch Guard uses the same functions - Ping and Port Scan - as human administrators.

Numerous customization options ensure a rapid restoration of availability in the event of a crash without running the risk of "false alarms" resulting in unnecessary restarts. ePowerSwitch Guard can monitor not only servers but any IP-based device with Ethernet port, with no need for additional cabling.

On the Systems 2003 trade fair in Munich, LEUNIG will be exhibiting the ePowerSwitch-1 Guard version of its new product with one server connection (Hall B4, Stand 146). Additional models are under development.

The recommended retail price for ePowerSwitch-1 Guard is 279.00 EUR, plus VAT. For technical information, see The product is scheduled to be available a few weeks after the Systems 2003.)


We all know that servers, switches, routers, etc. crash from time to time, a situation which not even the most advanced management tools can handle. When the system crashes, the equipment's mains switch needs to be physically operated by a person. In large remote networks, this is both time consuming and costly. This also applies for systems whose operation and maintenance is outsourced: often, and especially at night, nobody is available at the provider's system location with access to the server rooms, making a quick restart impossible. The answer to these problems comes in the form of the "ePowerSwitch" from LEUNIG.

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You can find LEUNIG at the

20-24/10/2003 Hall B4 Stand 146


A leading developer and manufacturer of PC interfaces and data transfer technology, Leunig GmbH was founded in 1980 by Peter Leunig in Siegburg, Germany. The ISO 9001 certified company develops and supplies quality products for time- and mission-critical applications. In cooperation with strategic partners in Europe, North America and the Far East, LEUNIG develops solutions for the industrial and financial sectors.


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